Blow my Mindsday

thumb.php I am in love. With a blog. For the love of all things cool, check out MANMADEDIY. Especially on Wednesdays, which in the hereafter shall now be referred to as “blow my mindsday”.

I like to think I’m pretty talented when it comes to spotting the uber-awesome products of the art and design worlds, but Chris takes the cake.

Take for instance, this installation by Scottish artist Rob Mulholland. The install, above, consists of six mirrored, translucent sculptures. What mountainsides in Scotland poses such a magical material, you ask? We may never know, but apparently this stuff of dreams is a cousin to plexiglass. The eye’s perception of the reflected, distorted image and the reflected light tricking through the forest’s canopy creates an other-wordly, The Secret World of Alex Mack– esque visual.

depositphotos_1493812-Victims-of-Communism-Monument-in-Prague I especially gravitate towards this art as the disappearing figures remind me of the spectacularly well done, and incredibly moving “Victims of Communism Memorial” monument in Prague, just south of the Prague Castle, right.

Other wonderful finds on mandmadediy include a graphic designed to encourage people to take the stairs / make escalator riders feel guilty; and shoes that are so impractical but will make for a stellar practical joke…

555907_405281749482734_213775278633383_1633180_1661214839_n outliers-kodiak-track-shoe-maskull-lasserreoutliers-kodiak-track-maskull-lasserre

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