All for the Money

johnny-swing-1 Despite your belief that I may have been captured by pirates from Somalia, my extended absence from blogging is not due to any travel hiccups – other than jet lag. If you’d like to know what the heck I’ve been doing besides uploading videos of lions mating to Facebook, follow the asteriks****

If you’d like to know more about this sweet seat (above), don’t scroll!

Johnny Swing, pictured above, is a trained sculptor and welder who decided to turn money into functional furniture that fetches way more than the coins’ value at auctions worldwide. He began with pennies, but when the property of the coin changed to zinc after 1981, he branched out to nickels and moved all the way on up to silver dollars.

halfdollartdetail His designs look wonderful plush and sensuously curvy and aren’t illegal, despite the widely-held rumor that destroying money by putting holes in it or soldering it is illegal (which is good news for me, too, since I’ve converted a lot of foreign currency into jewelry with the help of a concrete or stainless steel drill bit!).

SO why am I posting about ultra-cool furniture when I could be flooding your screens with images of cheetahs hunting impalas? Simply because its too overwhelming to write about a trip in which a life’s memoir could be penned. Also, let’s consider this tribute to coinage as belated tribute to Donna Summer, one of my favorites, who just wanted to the world to know that she worked hard for her money, so hard for her money.

Read more about Johnny and his collections here.


****While I’ve been back Stateside since the 16th of May, my calendar has been bubbling over the brim of what was already a very full cup. On Friday, May 18th I hosted Carnegie Mellon’s NorthEast Ohio Alumni chapter at the Cleveland Museum of Art where fellow alum and Director of Exhibitions, Heidi Strean, gave our large group a private reception in the Executive Boardroom and a tour of the much acclaimed Rembrandt exhibition.

On Saturday I attended a brunch that my sorority, Delta Delta Delta, had planned for all of the area sororities. Our guest of honor and speaker was no other than Eve Riley, a former TriDelta National President and Panhellenic National President. She had all the good graces you would imagine a prestigious Texan woman to have, and the humor that rivals those gals on GCB!

Lately, aside from making return trips to the museum, bolstering my tan and bbq-ing, I’ve been pushing my desktop lasercutter like a workhouse to produce four varieties of cut flowers for Collective Upcycle’s summer pop-up shop in Gordon Square. I found out my work was one of forty other artists to be accepted upon arriving home 10 days ago and it’s been a flurry of excitement and work to get them out the door for the end of this week, before I depart to Pittsburgh for my 2nd annual Volunteer Leadership retreat at CMU.

Of course, the projects at work and studying for the next leg (if there is an animal out there with seven legs) of my Architectural Registration Exams are taking up pieces of my precious time.

Oh, and if only I could learn to blog at the beach, you’d be hearing from me all of the time 🙂 I promise to include pages about Africa, my recycled flowers and all the good design stuff we’ve both been missing in the month of May! Until then, Adieu!

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