Fermented Fashion

470_2395184.0 And you thought Lady Gaga* was the only one who could pull off wearing foodclothes! Researchers at The University of Western Australia took a break from drinking wine and realized that the rubber film covering a vat of wine could act as fabric.

This must have been the first boozy break in a long time, I mean, who looks into a keg and goes, “yeah, I could wear that stuff!”? Do you ever look at the film on top of your greek yogurt and go “who needs cotton when you have probiotics”?

The magical ingredient in this rubbery wine layer is acetobacter, a bacteria that allows the alcohol to transcend its normal place in the world and become a cellulose fabric that can be poured or molded against the human body.

470_2395214.0 While some people may think a seamless, form-fitting garment is just what the stylist ordered, creating wearable outfits from this stuff poses major problems, such as, for instance, how do you remove a dress that acts like a second skin?

Could you peel off strips and then eat them like an adult version of fruit rollups?

Would this dress taste good?

Would you smell like a winery all day?

Would your skin turn into a nice shade of Merlot?

It looks like we’ll have to wait awhile before we see this go from science lab to Sax, but in the meantime, we can always hope that Lady Gaga and famous friends will delight us with an outfit made of rubbery booze*!


*This looks like her meat dress, right? Too bad she didn’t know about these researches back however many moons ago when she undoubtedly stunk up the place with that number!

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