While I can hardly claim to be an expert in either area, that is the goal. OR at least the short-term goal is to appear competent enough to pick the best bottle from the shelf and not flub the difference between LVL and PSL engineered wood.


Apparently, my passion for the two is not singular, as I found out while cleaning days of junk mail from my inbox. Mapolis, a newish design website, somehow secured my email address and knew they could get me to open the mass mailing by writing “wine+architecture” in the subject line. (FYI, if you ever need to get my attention, “wine+anything_creative” is generally a good way to start the conversation).

building_Weingut_Claus_Preisinger_1339513688_slider The body of the email implored me to find similarities between the two, but I only skimmed that part, because I know wine and architecture are both awesome; who needs chatter about organic grapes and LEED credits to convince them of this?

Oh, you do? Silly. Well if you cannot imagine the two in harmony (or maybe you can only imagine your architect chugging 2-buck-chuck as we re-draw your dream home one more time, damnit!) just take a gander at these fabulous wine bar and winery designs.

building_Marques_de_Riscal_Hotel_1321283742-1_slider Tell me your Chardonnay wouldn’t taste better sipping it in a building hovering over the vines like the one (above) at Winery Claus Preisinger in Austria? Or in a Gehry non-original like the Marques de Riscal Hotel in Spain (right)?

Marques_de_Riscal_Hotel_190612 One of these years I hope to enter hospitality design and I imagine that my swanky restaurant clients and high end hotels will only be too eager to lavish me with drinkable gifts when I present them with nonsensical sketches of buildings that cost 60 million USD, like this one by Gehry. For now I’ll be content with the homemade chocolate cherry soda loaf in the kitchen from Ann Albano,  Sculpture Center Director, because, while not Pinot, it truly is fabulous!

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