All the news

… that’s fit to print. On your nail beds.

1 That’s right, Sephora just released a 4-piece kit of polishes “inspired by newsprint and typography”. Hmm, sounds intriguing, right? Perfect for a girl who loves polish, paper and Helvetica.  However, it wasn’t until I watched the short how-to film that I realized the brand supposes “inspired by” to mean you should literally adhere newspaper to your hands.

This reminds me of silly putty transfers and deco-paging – in a really excellent way. I love(d) both of these activities, love painting my nails, love typography. I also love Heidi Han, fellow archie and European travel buddy, who found this gem and shared it with me!


8My only concern is that after learning of the 11 steps required to get this head-turning look, mod-podge and old magazines may be a quicker way to get the same effect? (WARNING. I don’t know this to be true. Can you apply mod podge to your skin? Don’t try it and say AliTheArchitect told you to! I’m claim ignorance!)



If you buy: The set is part of Sephora’s ‘The New Black’ series and is available in two different colors, ‘Times Late Edition’ and ‘Weekly Journal’ and retails at USD$16 per set and can be purchased here.

What do you think design fans / literary buffs? Could you wear your life’s work on your fingertips?

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