4 Myths about Architects

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know I frequently press rmbarch.wordpress.com. It’s an architecture-centric blog, but Ray does an excellent job of making the subject matter approachable. After all, we are tricky, coke-bottle glasses wearing people and sometimes we just need to be better understood.

Case in point, Ray’s latest post titled 4 Myths about Architects will demonstrate that all the things you thought you knew because you watch HGTV or read Architectural Digest (both of which I love; this is an endorsement! ATT&T sign me up for free cable, AD hook up my professional rate for 100% off the cover price, please!)

Although these myths may be commonly taken for truths thanks to the likes of Frank Gehry (rich), Imhotep (buildings will live forever), Father Brady (house designer) and Calatrava (good at math? I assume so, since he is also an engineer), Ray and I here to tell you that we are not driving Fiskers, deriving square roots of imaginary numbers (is that possible?) or creating stone monuments to rival the Egyptians. Yet.

I WAS designing a house until the clients decided to violently disagree on style (husband  = log cabin, wife = Queen Anne). I haven’t opened that file folder in months 😦

If you’ve only got a minute to be enlightened, my favorite quipping of Ray’s is this conversation (scroll to the bottom of Ray’s post to read the original in context):

“…When I want to create something that will outlive me, I’ll make a piece of furniture or a painting, because I’ve never heard this conversation before:

Housewarmer: Hey, this is a really nice painting you guys found.

Homeowner: You think so? We thought so too, but we both think this corner down here should be red, and I figure while we’re making this part red, neither of us are really happy with that particular shade of green over there. And honestly, this isn’t the 60′s, nobody paints deer anymore. So, we’ll replace that with a rabbit, or maybe even a bear, we haven’t really talked about it. And of course when we have kids we’ll want to add on to it, so … you’re right, I’d say it’s a really great starter painting, for sure, but there’s a lot of work to do …”

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