Architecture Love, Literally

LOVE THIS! I want to turn all of my photographs of buildings – especially mundane bloc houses like this one – in hearts, as done here by Sasvári János as shared with the “I ❤ Pecs” group on Facebook*.

That seems like a time-well-spent activity for an architect, right?! Certainly more useful than studying for my licensing exams :\

556656_424755617563106_156423253_n*Pecs is not a reference to well-honed abs. In fact, Pecs is a teeny town (5th largest in Hungary) that has been around since the 2nd century. Despite it’s size, its always been an educational and multicultural capital and in 2010 was selected to be the European Capital of Culture.

My Fulbright Fellowship application in 2010 involved living here; alas I was not chosen and instead I live vicariously through comments and photographs on Facebook.

Someday I will return to Eastern Europe and meet up with distant relatives such as the likes of the other Ali Lukacsy and her family outside of Budapest.

Until then, I’ll heart Pecs from afar! ❤

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