fantastic finds

brecce-10Sometimes part of my daily work as an architect-in-training involves wearing heavy work boots and explaining to contractors that the answers to their questions are on the drawings for heaven’s sake READ THEM!

Other times, I’m glued to my computer squinting at submittals that have been photocopied by the first generation Xerox and scanned at 72 dpi. Those hours are usually followed up with email writing where I endeavor to sound polite despite my deep aggravation.

Of course, most of the time is spent drafting with AutoCADD, which is perfectly fine, because I love AutoCADD. Always have, always will.

The-Leftover-Collection1-600x412 Sometimes I dream in CAD language. But that’s for another post.

Today, after a morning sprinkled with all of the above fun activities, I moved to a new task that for the first half of the task required research. Mostly, this meant scoping out awesome projects on the internet as precedent for a graphic, focal wall in a public library project gearing up to go out to bid.

The-Leftover-Collection2-600x412 Research is my favorite.

The-Leftover-Collection-600x800Today, Architizer tickled my fancy; these two project particularly because my ability to recreate them is within reach – if only I had more projects with lemon-lime colored Corian!

This collection of one-off furniture is fabricated from leftover pieces from firms’ exhibitions at Milan Design Week 2012 by UK-based designer Rabih Hage.

Something a bit more feasible, and cheaper, would be these recycled wood lamps by Italian designer Marco Stefanelli for the Milan Fuorisalone 2012. (Why does all the awesome product design happens in Milan!)

brecce-5Of course, I have no access to LED embedded resin, but I’ve worked with lighting and forming plastic and casting rubber individually, so there is the possibility of adopting this idea!

Hey, a girl can dream. And shop at Jo Anne’s 🙂

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