I do believe in spooks!

-325995356 “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little mangy dog, too!”

Margaret Hamilton would have been out of a job had Zaha Hadid been around during the  ‘The Wizard of Oz” casting call!

Perhaps they’ll give her (and the excellent Photoshoppers over at Building Satire a call for the remake!)

I came across this website a while back and love their humor, especially after  a stressful week of studying, taking another ARE exam and working towards looming project deadlines (both at studioTECHNE and outside of work, in my other realms of creativity!) !!!

166511916 Hopefully you and I will both have time to work on Halloween costumes this weekend (fingers crossed my mermaid tail comes out somewhat close to the glorious, shimmering vision in my head!) and I hope these architects dressed up in their finest spooks gives you some inspiration. Or at least something to laugh over!

I love Jean Nouvel’s get-up, although I swore at first it was a Photoshopping of Howie Mandel! And BIG’s head honcho looks dashing as always, even as Frankenstein!


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