Yes, please.

_FFL6301_print12x18_905 I have some pretty eccentric  aspirational models, notwithstanding Andy Warhol’s favorite Muse, Edie Sedgwick and Mick Jagger’s splashy ex, Marianne Faithfull. And it looks as though I have found my newest all-Female role models, Catherine Johnson and Rebecca Rudolph, above, licensed architects working in Los Angeles, CA.

It may not seem obvious how 1960’s socialites and current day working women play into my vision of all I hope to grow up to be, so hear me out.

A_front First, while these women have all the skills necessary to practice traditionally, their process and products are anything but. Their self-proclaimed awesomeness is evident by their “about” statement:

We aim to inspire across disciplinary lines and engage the habitable world through our appropriations and innovations. We value the poignant & the ridiculous… Architecture should be able to be assembled by the user at times- be inspired by high technology but accomplished by low-tech craft. It should be affordable, and remain crafty utilizing a range of skilled and unskilled labor. Design, Bitches accept responsibility for our environment and our relationship to society, we strive for the biodegradable.

I am absolutely in love with the gals’ firm, aptly titled “Design Bitches”. Their work spans from storefront displays to books, and happily proves women don’t have toD_cootie 3_crop forgo our innate love of glitter and cupcakes to make it in this coke-bottle rimmed glasses, manly industry. (All women love glitter and cupcakes, right? I mean, they should.)

Check out their firm online and if you live in LA, seek them out at the next gallery opening.

I’m sure Cat and Becs would be a hoot in a handbasket 🙂



Above: Something everyone can appreciate (sigh, nostalgia): the cootie-catcher exhibition at WUHO Gallery, Hollywood.

BTW, If I had seen this project in elementary, I would have decided then to become an architect instead of waiting until 9th grade to determine my destiny. Sheesh, late bloomer.

storefront 2_905

Above+Below: the Coolhaus Store. Facade graphics and interior design for Coolhaus Ice Cream’s first brick and mortar location in Culver City.

facade white_905

Coolhaus elevations CS3_051111

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