Holiday Cheer

image_5 If you’re in the market for cards, gift tags, and ornaments this season (who isn’t!?), I invite you to browse my recent makings.

Since Case Western Reserve University, a client of my architecture firm, opened in Engineering School’s ThinkBOX to the general public, I’ve been falling back in love with the smell of fresh cut paper, felt, and leather. My wares are for sale once again at the Collective Upcycle Shop, in its new albeit still temporary home at 6202 St. Clair Ave, Cleveland, Ohio. Many more items and customs orders are available here, a click away through email.

image_3 One-stop shop this post.You’ll find original designs lasercut into greeting cards (with your choice of color and pattern); ceramic ornaments; lasercut mitten gift tags (at right) ready to be personalized, and upcycled Leather Feather earrings!

Prices listed online incld s&h to anywhere in the USA.

Message me for bulk orders or custom orders. All orders ship  within 48 hours of payment receipt via Paypal.

This season I am taking orders through private messages such as email, Facebook, and my site. Simply click the email address below and message me for orders or inquiries.

Feel free to pass along my information to friends and family:

Ali @ Ali.The.Architect

Many thanks for your time and support of my small business ventures. Happy holidays to all!



ITEM 1: Xmas Tree Greeting Card

A2 (4.25” x 5.5”) cardstock. Custom design, lasercut, hand folded and stamped w/ coordinating red envelope.

image Blank on inside flap and back of card w/ colorful insert (blank one side). See image at left.

When ordering select card color (shimmering gold, shimmering silver, or matte red) and insert design (select from variety below. please note 7-9 are  shimmering and 1 is translucent with glitter specs)

image_4_select an insert SAMPLE ORDER: 3 CARDS (1 GOLD W/ #6, 1 SILVER W/ #3, 1 SILVER W/ #5)

PRICE: $3 ea (incld. s&h) OR 4 / $10 (incld. s&h)

ITEM 2: Vintage Style Ceramic Hearts

Approx. 1.5” high fired white clay with iron oxide, matte white, and sea foam colored glazes for that vintage look. Order in sets of 3.


Comes pre-tied with twine for immediate hanging. Extra twine at request is available free of charge to string hearts into a garland for the tree or mantle.

SAMPLE ORDER: 9 hearts (+ 3 feet extra twine please!)

PRICE: 3 / $6  (incld. s&h) OR 6 / $11 (incld. s&h)

(Star for sale @ $4 ea (incld. s&h))

ITEM 3: Mitten Gift Tags

Customize it! Approx 3” lasercut gift tags with holes for each customization. Ribbon or twine comes with for easy attaching. Extra twine at request. Sold in packs of 10.

1471838_10100307564794529_64556844_n 554716_10100307564719679_2002989601_n

Use your own thread, yarn, etc to weave a letter or pattern (see above).


PRICE: 10 / $12 ea (incld. s&h)

ITEM 4: Leather Feather Earrings

My signature piece revamped thanks to lasercutting technology! Computer-designed feathers of unique shapes fashioned into earrings. Hooks are hypo-allergenic.

1390740_10100286649284379_1882306121_n 1381627_10100286649354239_960208338_n 923028_10100286649424099_938249630_n1383747_10100286649508929_894693634_n

A multitude of colors, leather types, and sizes are available. Message me color preferences unless you want to be surprised! I have blues, golds, reds, silvers, and so many shades of brown. Patterns include snakeskin and more! More photographs coming soon. Earrings will be available year-round and new styles are being reproduced.

SAMPLE ORDER: metallic earrings, medium size

PRICE:  $12 ea (incld. s&h)

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