A loose Gaudi tile in Barcelona, Spain.

“There must be thousands of girls like me dreaming of becoming a star, but I am dreaming the hardest.” – Marilyn Monroe

On May 16th, 2009 I graduated from the School of Architecture in the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.  That very expensive piece of paper represents five years of sleepless nights and thousands of cups of coffee – every minute of which I loved to no end.

I am a self-motivated, genuinely passionate person with an insatiable thirst to travel the world.

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Two weeks later I was on a plane to China, to spend a year designing a pavilion for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. It’s the reason I know six words of Mandarin, have a so-so tolerance for spicy foods, and own the most bizarre collection of jewelry picked (legally) from blankets stretched on sidewalks in balmy Changsha.

I am a free spirit, with an open mind and an eagerness to learn.

I daydream constantly: I see an image, a scrap of wallpaper, hear a story on NPR and its off to the races, because I am a dreamer AND a doer. I love learning and meeting new people and seeing new places and harnessing all of those experiences into projects. I am a maker.

cigartip art tage

Every year, thousands of plastic cigar tips are picked up by volunteers from the shores of the Great Lakes. I clean and paint them and transform the litter into art and function pieces, such as the photo frame pictured above. Proceeds from the cigARTip line go to fund the Euclid Beach Blast, an annual event held in the Cleveland Metroparks each August.

If I am not in motion, I am not happy.

For the past four years (and change) I have lived in Cleveland, a city I love to no end. While Prague and Toronto cause my heart to pitter-patter, Cleveland grabs me in a different way. It’s rust has been romanticized endlessly, but it’s relentless heart and humble ascent entice me more. Growing up it was my dream to live by the water. Of course, growing up in New Jersey, the Great Lakes were but an acronym in Social Sciences. Now I happily live steps from Lake Erie in an artsy, “up-and-coming” neighborhood. I write monthly editorials for the local paper, earn grants for art projects on Waterloo, and volunteer in community events for the people. Cleveland has the best people. It just does.


Lifeguard stand in South Beach, Miami.

My favorite color is the ‘M’ in CMYK, forever and always.

Energetic. Passionate. Outgoing. Feminine. I am these and more.  Be sure to follow or subscribe to AliTheArchitect here or on Facebook for all the latest news and adventures.


write: ali.alithearchitect@gmail.com

visit: alithearchitect.wordpress.com

like: facebook.com/AliTheArchitect

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Allison_BIO_052015 Allison_BIO_052015

4 thoughts on “about.me

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  2. Ali……YOU, did an amazing job….and most, if not ALL, of the creative sewing and inspiration for winning the BEST of Show at the IIDA Product Rnway 2011 for Cleveland! YOU rock!

  3. Hi Allison,

    I saw on your Twitter bio that you’re interested in Marilyn Monroe, and thought you might be interested in seeing the Marilyn Monroe collage that I made. It has a lot of her quotes on it, and you can share it or use it as desktop wallpaper, or whatever you like. If you’re interested, just tweet me at @dailypicture365, and I’ll send it to you.

    p.s. Congratulations on graduating from Carnegie Mellon. I had a good friend who also got that expensive piece of paper in Information Studies.


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