Give. And Give Again.


It’s officially February, which means it’s officially time to pack away the snowmen and start thinking about cupid’s arrows.

Although my handmade greeting card workshop had been defunct for nearly a year, when partnered with Citymeals-on-Wheels to bring nutritious meals, handmade cards and companionship to elderly folk living in NYC, I found that this opportunity to jump back into the craft could not be missed. After the craft+wine club I belong to had such a fantastic time making our cards, I decided to keep on keeping on and with the help of my trusty lasercutter, have made a batch of Valentine’s Day cards sure to tickle anyone’s fancy!

 There exists two cards of each design – identical to one another but unique to any other card in the bunch.

When you purchase one card (for yourself, for a loved one, for a neighbor in need), the match will be gifted to Etsy and Citymeals on your behalf. It’s a buy-one-get-one for charity so you can feel warm and fuzzy about your purchase in oh so many ways!

A little but about the cards:

Each card measures 4” (H) x 5.5” (L) and is composed from pre-creased premium crème-colored cardstock layered with an embossed raspberry craftpaper and adorable scenes depicting everyone from Cupid to kissing birds (see photographs). Cards are blank on the inside.

With each order, you’ll receive one card and one coordinating crème-colored envelope wrapped in a protective cellophane sheet. Also included: a note of thanks for spreading the love!

Cost: $2.00* per card (cheaper than Hallmark, especially when you consider you’re really getting two cards to give for two dollars! And this includes my stamp to mail your card).

  • 6 cards (3 cards for you, 3 for Citymeals)  = $5.00
  • 14 cards (7 cards for you, 7 for Citymeals) = $10.00

Remember: What you see in this album is all there is. Given the timing (donated cards must be postmarked by Feb. 7th) and the exclusively short supply on hand (there are only 30 cards (15 designs) in this addition!), I’m only opening up the sale to friends (aka, stop checking my Etsy shop! They’re not there!). Plus, Facebook allows you to make an album with nearly unlimited photos, Etsy doesn’t!

How to Order:

Check out all the card designs here!

Email me if you’re interested:

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ Ali

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