Product Runway 2011

IIDA’s Product Runway, a spin-off of television’s popular Project Runway – where designers (or, more accurately, wannabe fashion designers), compete in rapid fire challenges for money and fame – took place in the newly renovated Battery Park Wine Bar in May of 2011. Unlike Project Runway, each competitor was actually a team made up of product representatives and architects and/or interior designers. No one of any real fashion experience, save myself, a self-proclaimed fashionista. Of course we were overconfident stepping up to the runway and so it was really no surprise that we nabbed the “Best In Show” grand prize. Also unlike the TV show, the promise of riches and notoriety were replaced by endless drink tickets, bragging rights and a feather boa adorned wire dress form for a trophy.

Above: Matt working the crowd with an exploding cane, filled of course with bits of carpet.

The show has been a hit for a while now, but it was the first year my architecture firm, studioTECHNE, had been asked to participate. We were asked by our wonderful Rep. Shelly Brenner of the Mohawk Group, which meant our design needed to be made entirely from products from Mohawk, ie. carpet and rubber stair treads. Above: A lined three piece suit paired with Italian-esque loafers made for quite the ensemble. Too bad Matt claims it was itchy and hot beyond compare!

For our limited material palate, we were ever so creative using scrim and backing (the suit), non-slip rubber tiles (the shoes and hat and watch and buttons), and of course yarn (the accessories).







Above: Our team sign on the runway, our trophy.

The concept of an Alice in Wonderland Mad-Hatter look was a group effort; the  sewing of the three piece (pants, vest and jacket with coat-tails and a popped collar) was my undertaking. Shoes designed and fabricated by studioTECHNE principal, Marco; crocheting by Shelly, hat by Matt (also the model), exploding confetti cane by Tim and Jon with patterning, cutting and braiding support from Kelly, Mike, Dru, Ted and Jim.

PROCESS: Below: The team hard at work fabricating our winning look.

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