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Lasercutting Lust

Digital Fabrication techniques and project ideas for the digital age.

If there were such a thing as a support group for people who are obsessed with lasercutting I would indelibly be the president. I could lasercut all day and all night (this is not a hyperbole or a double-entendre, promise!). Since my first introduction to the process some four-odd years ago I’ve dreamed of hundreds of designs and made good on many (As I am currently going through a disagreeable trial separation with the lasercutter because I do not have one at my immediate disposal as I did in school,  most of my newly hatched designs are waiting for a machine to step up to the plate and make some magic).

Lasercutting is awesome for many reasons: 1) It utilizes the Rhino and AutoCAD platform (gone are the early days of Corel Draw [yipee!]) and can recreate a mean spline just as easily as a 90 degree angle; 2) It is instant gratification (True, sometimes you have to pass the material through a few cycles of cutting, but compared to taking an exacto blade to a piece of cardboard a few thousand times, staring through the machine’s glass panel admiring the bed of metallic honeycomb is like pressing your nose to Macy’s window holiday display in New York City. Yes, that good!) 3) The possibilities are endless (Experimenting has never been more fun – from the range of materials you can use to the great spectrum of designs you can create from internet-found vector images to your own squiggles or text-based creations – the sky is not even the limit.)

Very early on in my career as a lasercutter luster I took a course where students were required not only to learn to use this new technology (learning to share this new technology was another lesson only mastered by some!) but also to create a website detailing our experience with the materials and machine. The individual sites were intended to serve as a sourcebook for future lasercutting fanatics, for our class was very much the guinea pig class when it came to determining ideal speed v. power settings for 1/4″ balsa wood and 1/8″ felt, et cetera. At one point a fire started in the lasercutter (culprit still unknown) and the entire school lost it’s privledge for a few days (that felt like weeks) until a group of us banded together in protest: “How could we live without the lasercutter?” we chanted from outside the itty closet where the lasercutter was held hostage.

Now I digress. As usual.



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