business logo_01.23.2014I’m currently enrolled in entrepreneurial business classes. The thing that motivates to crawl out of bed on Saturday mornings at 7:30am is my newest brilliant idea. Introducing, PAINTcafé, LLC.

PAINTcafé is an uniquely social place to make art which I hope to locate in the Waterloo Arts District in Cleveland, Ohio sometime in the future (near or far).

PAINTcafé is where Pinterest projects become reality for all of us who say “I could make that!” But never do. It’s where friends come to gather over a cup of coffee and get lost in the process of making and where entrepreneurs like me come to launch their craft business.

This art store meets arts studio will attract both the serious hobbiest and the wannabe artist.. and truly, you don’t have to be an “artist” to make art, it’s all about unleashing the creativity that hides behind your day-to-day job. At PAINTcafé we believe everyone can make art and that the real road block is a lack of tools, space, money, and guidance.

And at PAINTcafé we’ve got you covered. We want you to experience the joys of making in our friendly, casual atmosphere where you can leave the mess behind. For a daily, flat fee at the door, all use of tools and equipment – such as laser cutters and sewing machines – are free, most materials are free, professional advice from local artists flows freely, and coffee is free. And if you know anything about Collinwood, you’d know a good cup is novel idea in and of itself.

PAINTcafé is looking to establish partnerships with local artists who will teach workshops on Wine Wednesdays. A gallery – full of art for sale that YOU could make – will be the newest stop on the monthly “Walk All Over Waterloo Art Crawls”.

Sound good? Great? Because monthly and yearly memberships at PAINTcafe afford project storage space, “dibs on equipment usage”, and the ability to show and sell artwork in our storefront gallery.

So what are you waiting for? Opening day, right?

Soon enough! Stay tuned for a a Discount code good for your first visit when we open.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and soon enough… Waterloo!

PAINTcafé. Art. Made social.

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