Plastic Perch

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Above: Sketch for “Plastic Perch” an 8′-0″ wooden sculpture of a Lake Erie fish that easily mistakes micro plastics and degraded debris as food, causing unnecessary deaths and polluting our own food stream. Would you eat the this fish, whose last meal was your plastic bottle cap?

The Euclid Beach Adopt-A-Beach Team is a volunteer affiliate organization to the Alliance for the Great Lakes. Volunteer coordinator Stephen Love and dedicated Cleveland residents collect debris from Lake Erie’s shoreline monthly. Since 2012, Ali Lukacsy, upcycle artist and founder of Ali.The.Architect, has transformed the plastic beach trash into art objects and installations, notably using cigar tips, the most prolific form of plastic trash in our waterways. The objects are meant to educate about the journey of litter from consumer to our connected waterways as well as provoke outrageous reactions about the health of Lake Erie… and that they do!

11009197_10100766226682429_3340354402554436549_nCome see “Plastic Perch” at the Great Lakes Science Center during Great Lakes Adventure Week at the end of June 2015. Additional beach trash-based art work, brochures and other literature on the health of Lake Erie will be available at the table, in addition to sign-up sheets and other ways to get involved, educate, correct behavior and reverse the damage. A plastic litter craft for all ages will be provided at no cost to participants, where people will be able to select a piece of (cleaned) plastic trash that inspires them to create an animal such as a mangled straw octopus or bottle cap turtle. 

FACT: Lake Erie fish and other wildlife easily mistake micro plastics and degraded debris in our waterways as food, causing unnecessary deaths and polluting our own food stream.

11200600_10100740616071299_4726630080737213094_n  IMG_9780Join Cleveland artists Ali Lukacsy, Loren Naji and fellow community members during Collinwood’s “Walk All Over Waterloo” first Friday art walk as we stuff an 8’-0” long custom built Lake Erie Perch sculpture with plastic trash collected by Adopt-A-Beach volunteers at Edgewater Park and Euclid Beach Park in Spring 2015.

The fanciful sculpture brings awareness to the litter and pollutants plaguing our waterways in Cleveland in an effort to change behaviors that negatively affect our environment. Everyone is encouraged to help create the sculpture during this FREE event and all participants will be recognized on a sign to appear alongside “Plastic Perch”, which will be on display at the Great Lakes Science Center at the end of June during ‘Great Lakes Adventure Week’ (June 22nd – 28th). Satellite Gallery will simultaneously be hosting a show of new artists inside the house.

“Plastic Perch” is made possible through generous donations by Water Pollution Control, Satellite Gallery, Great Lakes Science Center and an Opportunities and Allies Grant through Cleveland Neighborhood Progress.

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