Plastic, please!

il_fullxfull-986491781 This weekend I saw a play at Cleveland Public Theatre (one of my FAVORITE places in the city), titled “AIR” and part three of the “Elements” cycle series they are conducting over there at CPT.

Touted as a play about sustainability and our rights to clean fresh air, the play was quite heady, and more about surrealism and the supernatural then, well, the natural.

il_fullxfull-986493812 The premise was that in the future, companies that produce energy for consumption will have to make good on their “evilness” and protect our environment. Not so outlandish, but the procurement of clean air (above our homes) in exchange for polluting air (at their factories) would be a frightening conversation to have.

So maybe I didn’t leave the 2.5 play resolved to never drive my car, but I did actually remember the reusable grocery bags today! Little victories.

il_fullxfull-98649494Of course, sometimes I remember to take the bags from the pantry to the car, and not the car to the cart.

For these times I have another solution: I turn my plastic would-be waste into wonderful, usable notebooks, making even plastic bags reusable 🙂

These notebooks are super simple to make, fit perfectly in your pocket for jotting down grocery lists and more, and for once you can be proud to say “yes! I am carrying a plastic bag!” ;)

This and other tutorials are all over the web. All you need you already have in your kitchen. So why not try it?

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